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What Is A Free Home Market Evaluation, and Why Should You Care?

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It’s hard to sell a home unless you have a fairly accurate idea of what it costs, and choosing to put one up for sale based on a hunch can lead to lost time and money. Real estate agents know that the key to selling a home is to properly identify its value, so they can compete against other market listings, while utilizing the property’s unique strengths and assets to create a compelling and attractive opportunity for buyers.

A free home market evaluation can go a long way here. This is a unique tool that makes the selling and buying process easier on both parties, and gathers together a series of vital criteria that can be used to sell a property within a short space of time. What exactly goes into a free home market evaluation, however? Let’s find out.


Free home market evaluations are often referred to as a comparative market analysis, and for good reason. It’s an assessment of your property’s fair market value, which attempts to ballpark how much buyers might be willing to pay for your home, within a particular frame of time. Realtors tend to perform these evaluations in order to identify all the details needed to properly gauge your home’s value as it relates to others in a given area.

Such details include the type of home, the year it was built, square footage, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, interior and exterior amenities, average home sales within the surrounding area, the quality of the neighborhood, and more. All of these criteria play a factor in determining the closest approximate value of your home, so that you can price accordingly.



Besides being a free service provided by realtors to develop a rapport with sellers, while also determining a baseline asking price, a free home market evaluation comes with several other benefits that most don’t immediately take into account. The most important benefit is to determine what your home is worth at that immediate moment in time. It takes into account the state of the economy, buying and selling trends, and more. Based on what is determined, you may wish to strike while the iron is hot, or, wait for better market conditions. 

Another benefit is that it helps you figure out ways you can improve your property’s overall appeal, which in turn will net a wider range of buyers. If the evaluation determines that your home is lacking in one, or several areas, you can take steps to deal with those issues before putting it up in the listings. Even something as simple as a fresh coat of paint could mean the difference between scoring a buyer, or not.

However, the biggest reason for getting a free home market evaluation is to try and sell your home for the highest possible amount. Think of it as a competitive advantage, especially when pricing your home in relation to other sellers who have properties in and around your own neighborhood. Perhaps they have priced their homes too high, in which case, you will be in a better position to attract buyers who have been scared off. It’s easy to forget the effects of a listed property with a price tag that is rational and thought out. 



For these reasons, we strongly suggest opting in for a free home market evaluation. It costs nothing, and the service it provides can work wonders when it comes to selling your home quickly, and for the most amount possible. When paired with the help of a knowledgeable and reputable real estate agent, this process becomes even smoother and easier. 

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