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What Is A Free Home Market Evaluation, and Why Should You Care?

It’s hard to sell a home unless you have a fairly accurate idea of what it costs, and choosing to put one up for sale based on a hunch can…

Toronto’s Housing Market 2024: Average Home Prices, Choosing the Right Agent, and Timing Your Search

The Greater Toronto Area represents some of the most lucrative real estate in Canada, yet it’s also vulnerable to many economic effects, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic,…

Putting a Price on Luxury: How a Free Home Evaluation Enhances Your Property’s Value

It pays to understand the price of your home, quite literally. One of the best ways of achieving this is to take advantage of a home evaluation, which can help…

Real Estate Sale Negotiation Tips From The Experts

It’s no secret that real estate is a complex market, especially for those who aren’t privy to all the rules, regulations, standards and expectations that come with it. Fine Homes…

Everything You Need To Know About Downsizing Your Home

In the real estate field, downsizing refers to the act of moving into a smaller home due to one or more changes in lifestyle, location or family. Sometimes, people simply…

Average House Prices In Toronto [May 2024]

Updated: 07 May, 2024 The average house price in Toronto is $1,152,615. Overall, in May 2024, Toronto's average house sale price went up by 6.2% since last month.   The…