Robert GRin

Broker of Record

Robert Grin’s decision to become a realtor was inspired by his own direct personal experience with Real Estate. Obtaining his Real Estate license in 2015, Robert had a vision of a Real Estate brokerage that puts the client, not the transaction, first. As the founder of Fine Homes Real Estate, Robert has devoted himself to applying the traditional education of real estate to establishing a genuine brokerage focusing on making people’s lives better through real estate. Robert’s unparallel devotion to his clients’ wants and needs earned Robert the respect and positive word of mouth of his customers, which serves as a direct reflection of his success. Robert’s profound understanding of the real estate market, investments, and economic trends paired with his tenacious client advocacy and service excellence motto distinguish Fine Homes Real Estate from others in the field.
Coming from a modest upbringing, overcoming two immigrations, and serving in the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat medic contributed to Robert’s perseverance, humbleness, and drive to succeed. Prior to establishing his real estate practice, Robert founded a prosperous multi-location retail operation, serving as its CEO. In his free time, Robert is a family man and a father to 3 children who enjoys family cottage days at the lake, fishing, volleyball, and working out.

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